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Cub Scout Pack 105
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Geocaching is a great way to get kids outdoors.  We like them so much that our Pack has sponsored a Pack 105 geocache in our community.  Geocaches are hidden all over the country and all have one thing in common, they entice you to come to a location.  There are several types of geocaches including:
  • Find and trade:  These are caches or various sizes usually in a weatherproof container (plastic bin, old ammunition box, etc.) that contain a log book and trinkets.  Upon finding the cache, you are invited to sign the log book and trade trinkets with cache.  Our kids love these because they walk away with a new toy.  It's like a mini Christmas without spending money and with teaching the kids that they need to give up something to get something.
  • Micros:  Most micros are very small and cleverly hidden.  They usually only contain a very small log scroll.  They can be disguised as a rock, bolt, etc.
  • Virtual:  Some of these are to help you find a little noticed piece of history.  Some occur as a gathering at a predetermined time, such as Veteran's Day caches where folks meet at the "cache" on Nov 1th each year to honor veterans.
  • There are many other types, too many to list here.
 We love geocaches for several reasons:
  • Most involve a hike in the outdoors.  Exercise in the outdoors is a worthy goal for kids.  The reward of finding the cache is a great driver for them.
  • We have found many beautiful and unique places in our community we likely would not have found otherwise.
  • Our kids are becoming very proficient with map & compass, GPS, etc.  They have also learned that iPhones can be used for more than just games.
If you want to get started, search geocaching on the internet.  One of the better sites we have found is (This is not an endorsement, just a helpful link to get started.) We hope to see you out geocaching and hope that you will stop by our Pack's geocache located at N 040? 15.866', W 075? 27.609.